Oxford is for everyone

We want to share our knowledge of and passion for Oxford with everyone.  You can enjoy a full programme of walks, talks and tours as an OPT member.  We offer you the chance to connect with your place in all kinds of informal, entertaining and creative ways.

Rose Hill

Working with the Rose Hill community, we helped them to create a self-guided walk about the history and heritage of Rose Hill, available for free, for everyone.  Over tea and cake, people were encouraged to share their memories of Rose Hill through the years and to talk about the places that were special to them and how those various locations made them feel by writing a love letter, a postcard, or a poem to Rose Hill.  We are very grateful to all the residents who came along and shared with us their memories and favourite places within Rose Hill.  

a group of people on a walk with trees on the background

Wood Farm

We are delighted that after a grant from the Council of Europe, we are now working with the Wood Farm Community to find out more about the local history of the area and working with the community to create their own walk of Wood Farm. We are planning drop-in sessions so the local community can share personal experiences, shape the leaflet walk design, and have their say in our ongoing project exploring Wood Farm’s heritage.

A mother and child at local community event

Young OPT

In 2022, we participated in the special 'New Wave' training project offered by Heritage Open Days. This education and development programme focuses on working with young adults and developing new, innovative heritage events. Together with a group of young volunteers from Oxford, we developed a brand-new event for Oxford Open Doors, created by and for young adults. 

During Oxford Open Doors, Oxford's own graffiti artist Mani ran a t-shirt upcycling workshop, where everyone could customise old shirts and tote bags with iconic Oxford stencils like the Radcliffe Camera and Headington shark. We also designed a Hidden Heritage Graffiti Trail, which takes people around the secret spots in Oxford to find graffiti throughout the ages, from pre-Victorian carvings in church pews to student protests against the Vietnam War.

Mani and Kasturi at screen printing workshop

See our New Wave event in action!

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