Since 1927 we have encouraged the best of the new and work to protect the old. Guiding change - not stopping it, helping to protect our green spaces and views for the future. Please join us. Support Oxford.


Why not try a walk over some of our land? Over the 90 years since we first began, we have sought to protect Oxford's green setting for the benefit of all. Today, The Trust now cares for 800 acres of land in and around Oxford and where possible, we love to share it with you.

A warm welcome and a big thank you to the 300 new OPT members who joined us in 2017.  If you are passionate about Oxford and ensuring a positive future for this special city, then why not join us?

We wanted to share this fascinating piece written by Malcolm Graham. Enjoy.

We celebrated our 90th birthday on Saturday 18th November with a get together and some birthday cake in our cherished venue of the Painted Rooms.  We were joined by members longstanding and new and had a lovely time rejoicing our achievements over the past 90 years.


Are we doing the best we can?  Are we making a difference? Each day we ask ourselves if we are being true to the original vision of OPT and stop to think about what we are trying to achieve.  Would our forebears back in 1927 be proud of the OPT that exists in 2017? We like to think so.  

‘Keeping the best of the old, and encouraging the best of the new’

40 in 40 – celebrating 40 years of the Oxford Preservation Trust Awards 

We were delighted to see so many local people join us for our Oxford Open Doors weekend 9/10 September, when hidden spaces opened their doors to invite you in.  25,000 + people came and with over 3,000 visiting us in Cornmarket and in the Painted Room so we had a great time too.

If you are not yet a member of Oxford Preservation Trust (OPT), then there is no better time to join than now!  This month sees the build up to the highlight of our year – Oxford Open Doors.