What we do

Oxford Preservation Trust was founded in 1927. We seek to enhance the historic city of Oxford by encouraging thoughtful development and excellent new design, while protecting historic buildings and green open spaces. We run an annual awards scheme to encourage the best in new architecture, landscape design and conservation. We look after 1,000 acres of Oxford’s green spaces and we undertake historic building conservation. We encourage public participation in Oxford’s heritage, running the annual Oxford Open Doors scheme and opening some of the city’s most significant historic buildings to the public. We’re an independent charity with nearly 2000 members whose support, along with that of our donors and volunteers, is essential to our work.

Sharing Oxford’s Green Spaces

We look after 1,000 acres of green space in and around Oxford, maintaining it with the support of our members, the hard work of our dedicated volunteers and the generosity of our donors. We care for these open areas in a sustainable way, promoting biodiversity and encouraging public access.

People walking in green spaces

Conservation for All

We've conserved many special parts of Oxford, so that they can be enjoyed by everyone. Our work has included: The Martyr’s Memorial in St Giles; the Victoria Water Fountain heralding the entrance to Magdalen Bridge; Robert Stephenson’s LMS Swingbridge, the charming 17th-century cottages in Turn Again Lane; Shakespeare’s Painted Room hidden above the shops on Cornmarket; the historic units in the Covered Market restored to their former glory and Oxford Castle, a thousand years old and now open to all. 

Two people replacing a plank on the swing bridge

Opening Oxford's Doors

We organise Oxford Open Doors, the annual free event where many of the city’s spaces, so often closed to the public, are open to everyone. We work with communities to celebrate their local heritage.

Oxford Open Doors

Our Mission for Sustainability

Helping Shape Oxford's Future

Thoughtful, well-informed planning is essential to ensure that our historic city is sustainably developed and its historic character protected and enhanced. We’re an independent voice, monitoring and responding to planning and listed building consent applications. 

Dreaming Spires of Oxford