A young women receiving a basket of apples

OPT received annual basket of apples from Wolvercote Community Orchard

Nina Urai

OPT was given their annual rent in the form of a basket of apples from Wolvercote Community Orchard during the traditional Apple Day celebrations! 

The orchard was planted in 1994 with over 30 varieties of forgotten apples, pears, quince and plums. The ‘Apple Day’ held in the orchard every year celebrates the rich diversity of fruit planted there and is a wonderful community gathering event, welcoming over 600 local visitors over the afternoon!

In 1934, the land opposite The Trout pub was under threat from development. OPT stepped in and bought it with the support of Philip Leslie Agnew, the publisher of Punch, in memory of his son, Ewan Agnew.  This is commemorated in a plaque, by the artist Eric Gill, in the wall. Part was turned into allotments, still used today, and 60 years later the remaining area became a Community Orchard. The orchard was planted by the Wolvercote Tree Group, and today many rare and unusual apples, pears and quinces flourish, many of them local varieties. OPT charge an annual rent of a basket of apples, given at the annual Apple Day at harvest time.