Oxford Castle and Prison

Explore Oxford Castle and Prison with 25% discount this January

Nina Urai

Oxfordshire residents get 25% off standard tour ticket price at Oxford Castle and Prison until the end of the month.

For nearly 1000 years, Oxford Castle & Prison has stood watch over the dreaming spires, and the story of the castle and prison is interwoven with the city and its residents. Oxford Castle and Prison was conserved by Oxford Preservation Trust and opened to the public for the first time in 1000 years.

Join a costumed tour guide to explore the historic buildings. Hear tales of a daring medieval escape from St George’s Tower, descend to the crypt to learn Oxford’s connection to King Arthur, and discover the changing role of crime and punishment from the Civil War through to Victorian times and the closure of the prison in 1996.


To be eligible for this offer, we ask all residents to bring proof of residency, this can include

  • Photo ID with address
  • Utility Bill or authorised letter with a name and address on it.

Oxford Preservation Trust members get free access to Oxford Castle and Prison year-round, so why not join us this year!