Larkins Lane Open Gardens

Community invited to see nature restoration in Larkins Lane field

Nina Urai

Thank you to everyone who visited us in Larkins Lane Field last weekend as part of Old Headington Open Gardens Day. We welcomed over 120 people who experienced our latest nature recovery project first-hand and saw the progress which has been made since purchasing this green space in 2022.

Larkins Lane field is an interesting mix of grassland, woodland, and scrub, with a small stream running through it. Our volunteers have been working on restoring this area of Valley Fen, with great success: the wetland plants are starting to take root and the water is full of tadpoles. Over time, these wetland plants will lock in carbon, a nature-based solution to tackling climate change.  

Green Spaces Officer Hannah and Operations Director Stephen were on hand to answer questions from visitors, many of whom were amazed that Oxford has such a special bit of green space within the ring road. Larkins Lane field is open for the public to enjoy and explore. It's one of the 1000 acres of green spaces we care for in and around Oxford.