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Marston is a beautiful area northeast of the city centre of Oxford. It has the village of Elsfield to the north and New Marston to the south. Lying on the banks of the Cherwell, the marshy swamps of the river, gave Marston its name ‘Marsh town’ known as ‘Old’ to distinguish it from the suburbs of ‘new’ Marston. Set within the agricultural countryside, listed buildings and historic pubs can be found. OPT owns 150 acres in and around Old Marston, preserving its rural character. 


Field Spanning Marston Ferry Road

OPT purchased the field in 1929 to help maintain the green setting of Old Marston. Marston Ferry Road, which was built in the 1970s, runs in between the two fields. The land is managed as agricultural land.

Public access to the Field Spanning Marston Ferry Road is allowed around the field edges.

Marston Hamm

These fields were purchased by OPT in 2010 and 2011 and subsequently have been named Marston Hamm as 'hamm' is the Anglo Saxon term for an 'enclosure within the bend of the river'. The fields are surrounded by ancient hedges and the River Cherwell on the south-west border. We are working to restore species-rich grassland on this site, along with a traditional management regime of hay cuts and aftermath grazing and have  built a punting pontoon on the river frontage.

Marston Hamm is open to the public. When walking through these fields, please ensure dogs are kept under control and within sight especially when livestock is present.


Field by the Elsfield Road

This land, was purchased between 1929 and 1937 by OPT with the help of the Pilgrim Trust to retain the rural character of Old Marston and to protect the views from Elsfield Hill over the valley to Oxford. 

The land is managed as agricultural land and permanent pasture. There is no public access.


Victoria Arms

The Victoria Arms (Vicky Arms as it is affectionately known), is located at  the nearest point of the Cherwell to Old Marston village. This stone-built dates from the 17th century.  OPT purchased the Victoria Arms and adjoining land pub in 1959 to save the nearly derelict building and protect the area. Fully renovated, The Victoria Arms re-opened in summer 1986, and it a favourite amongst Oxford pub-goers, famous for the ambiance and pub garden with punting access.

OPT member get 10% discount at the Victoria Arms, so do not forget your membership card!