Anthills in Kennington


Kennington lies to the south of Oxford, nestled between Bagley Wood on the east and the River Thames on the west. There has been a small settlement here since Anglo-Saxon times. Today, the village retains its Jacobean manor house, built in 1629 for wealthy Oxford brewers. Kennington was in Berkshire until 1974, when boundary changes transferred it to Oxfordshire.  OPT owns land between the railway and River Thames on the eastern side of Kennington as well as the Memorial Field located at southern tip of Kennington adjacent to the recreation ground. 

Kennington Flood Meadows

The fields which make up the Kennington Flood Meadows were in part purchased from Colin and Olive Walker in 1972 and the rest bequeathed by Mr John Tait in 2001. 

We worked with organisation Sustrans to improve the cycle track at Kennington Flood Meadows, part of National Cycle Network Route 5. We collaborated with the Low Carbon Hub Oxford to construct the Sandford Hydro, which became operational in Spring 2018. It creates electricity by harnessing the power of the River Thames and provides green energy to over 500 households.

The fields are managed traditionally by grazing. Kennington Flood Meadows are open to the public. The Thames Path National Trail route runs through the field, as well as National Cycle Network Route 5.


sandford hydro

Kennington Memorial Field

In December 1946, the Trust purchased this field as a permanent memorial to the people of Kennington who were killed in the Second World War. It is used by the local community for a place of remembrance and relaxation. A plaque listing the names of the servicemen can be found at three of the four entrances to the field. 

The Kennington Memorial Field is managed traditionally by grazing. The field was designated as a Local Wildlife Site for its species-rich grassland, it also contains a large number of large ant-hills. 

Kennington Memorial Field is open to the public. When walking through these fields, please ensure dogs are kept under control and within sight especially when cattle is present.


kennington memorial field