From condemned slum to fully restored - Abingdon’s oldest house contains a wealth of hidden treasures and stunning wall paintings.

Visit the merchant's house

The house is open for visitors once a month, and Oxford Preservation Trust members can come for free.   Keep updated with the latest events and book your own space on a tour of the Merchant's House by keeping an eye on the events page. 


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Investigations by Dina Eastop and the Textile Conservation Centre (formerly a department of the University of Southampton) in early 2000s have revealed the rarity of this as an example of a child’s ‘ordinary’ garment dating from the early seventeenth century. Analysis has shown that it is fashioned from brown wool dyed blue, and a reconstruction has been made which can be seen at the house. The doublet may have been concealed deliberately, although other schools of thought say that it may simply have been discarded, as a large square section has been cut out of it. You can read more about the doublet at the report at the bottom of this page.