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Oxford Preservation Trust is Oxford's own national trust, with 80 years of experience of owning land and buildings to protect the character of Oxford and its green setting. We also organise Oxford Open Doors.

Thank you to all who joined us for Oxford Open Doors 2015!

We had a fantastic weekend and hope you did too!

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Have you got your Oxford Heritage Walk books?

BOOK 3 'From Catte Street to Parsons Pleasure' is out now!

Written by renowned local historian Malcolm Graham and illustrated by former city council conservation officer Edith Gollnast, Oxford Heritage Walks captures the ‘hidden history’ of Oxford – looking beyond the usual, delving behind the facades, and seeing the familiar in a new way.

Now you can buy Book One 'From Oxford Castle to St Giles', Book 2 'On Foot from Broad Street' and the new Book 3 'From Catte Street to Parsons Pleasure' from the OPT website at: 

or through Blackwells independent bookshop

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The Oxford skyline, coypright Chris Andrews - planning issues from Oxford Preservation Trust
Oxford City, image by Chris Andrews