Wolvercote Lakes

Open green space is essential for our health and wellbeing, and we are delighted that more people than ever are now out and about enjoying OPT land.  With our commitment to the green agenda, OPT have no car parks, so why not take a cycle ride or a long walk.  Help us to keep our environment, our wildlife and you safe by considering a visit outside likely peak times.  All our green spaces are open. 

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A tranquil area for people and wildlife

OPT was bequeathed the lakes, which had been in his family for two generations, by Mr Viv Kirk. Until his last days, Mr Kirk would be seen walking across Port Meadow each day coming from his house in Jericho to spend the day where he most felt at home amongst the trees, birds, his beloved traction engines and his fishing. In the past, a house on stilts had stood on the site which, at times of flooding, could only be reached by punt.

Over the years the safety of the collection of historic traction engines and other machinery meant that the site had been locked, gated and barred behind high fencing which made the lakes invisible from the road so that many people were unaware of their existence.

In 2012 OPT began work to improve and open up the site and views of it, and to encourage biodiversity, with thanks to funding from Grantscape and the support of BBOWT.

In 2015 the lakes received a national award for the work from the Canal and River Trust. Today the area is a nature reserve, open every day for everyone to enjoy.


Fishing is not currently permitted at Wolvercote Lakes.  For more information about fishing rights, please contact WLFG2014@gmail.com