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Whether from the comfort of an armchair to exploring Oxford on foot, the books are a great read; an unusual and useful guide to forgotten and precarious features of the city. Buy your copies now, no Oxford home should be without them.

“It’s a beautifully produced guide to an interesting section of the city and a great deal of the history both town and gown is visible in this in this part of Oxford. This handsome little book is a wonderfully friendly and informative guide to the past and present.” Philip Pullman talking about Book 3

The Oxford Heritage Walks series evolved from the out of print 1970s ‘On foot in Oxford’ published by Oxfordshire County Council. Author, renowned local historian, Malcolm Graham, brings Oxford to life highlighting the interesting and sometimes odd architectural details, and all accompanied by the unique personal illustrations by Edith Gollnast, drawing on her many years as the City’s Conservation officer. Characterful maps by Oxford cartographer, Alun Jones, add to the charm.

“They are so important in capturing something that no other book does, unlocking the history in our streets, painting a picture of what is there, and what has been lost” Debbie Dance, OPT Director.

Book 1 On foot from Oxford Castle to St Giles covers the north-east quadrant from Carfax taking in the Saxon St George’s Tower at Oxford Castle, and on to the tower of St Michael at the Northgate Church in Cornmarket with everything in between. 

Book 2 On foot from Broad Street moves to the north east and takes you to the heart of the University around the Radcliffe Camera, covering the Covered Market, Blackwells, Ship Street and the Turl along the way. 

Book 3 On foot from Catte Street to Parsons Pleasure carries on eastwards taking you on a local voyage of discovery from the heart of the University to Oxford’s green and rural past and the historic hamlet of Holywell and its atmospheric cemetery, past civil war defences stopping for glimpses of stained glass, statues and stories of saints and sinners along the way. 

Book 4 On foot from Paradise Street to Sheepwash leaves the gates of the Castle and goes back in time to the Abbeys of Rewley and Osney, now rubbing up alongside the City’s industrial past. Perhaps the least well known area covered by the series to date, it will open up the familiar, and show you Oxford in a new and surprising way. 

Book 5 On foot from Carfax to Turn Again takes a walk along Queen Street and St Ebbe's, over the sites of Blackfriars and Greyfriars and across Westgate. This has been a commercial area for centuries but how much is left of the past? How much has been lost?

Book 6 On foot from the High to Trill Mill. Explore the High Street and its side lanes. Enjoy the tempting route from Magdalen Bridge to St Aldate’s, via Christ Church Meadow and Folly Bridge. And find Trill Mill. 


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Footnoted text for Books 1-6 can be found here - 

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