Inspiring Pegasus School with The Painted Room

Above the hustle and bustle of Cornmarket Street, behind modern shopfronts for Pret a Manger and Vodafone are the remains of a medieval tavern, paneled walls and rare 16th Century wall painting and a history connected to Shakespeare who stayed here on his regular journeys from London to Stratford-Upon-Avon.

All this inspired the pupils of Pegasus School to write their own poetry after their visit to the Painted Room:

LOOK UP!!! by Shanay

Lady on the phone,
Look up, look up!

Don’t look left, don’t look right,
Look up, look up!
Shakespeare stayed here!
Look up!



The pockmarked, interlaced wall of it,
The wriggly, wiggly pattern of it,

The tilted, sloping floor of it,
The 17th century panelling of it,
The inspired brushstrokes of it,
The mysterious, fabulous flowers of it,
The fascinating, strange symbols of it,
The Shakespearean, secreted space of it...


Imagine by Latrell

Imagine the feet that have trodden on this sloped floor,
Imagine the hands that have touched the delicate painting,

Imagine the eyes that have lighted upon the magical mysterious words,
Imagine the dreams spreading, blossoming in this space,
Imagine the imaginations exploring this Painted Room


Time Travel by Latrell

Magical stairs
Winding from now to then.

Time travel!
Narrow dark treads
Leading from dazzling electricals
To soft candlelight.
Time travel!
Crooked, pockmarked walls
Ushering us from hectic shops
To peaceful paint and panelling.
Time travel!


Shakespeare asleep by Latrell, Shanay, Clodagh and Toby

Images of The Tempest swirling through his mind,
As he yawns and closes his eyes

In the wonderful Painted Room,
The taste of intoxicating, crimson wine,
Orbiting his tongue,
As his eyelids flutter and his breath steadies,
In the peaceful Painted Room,
Dreams of exotic, magical gardens
Enchanting his imagination,
As he floats and glides on sleep
In the inspiring Painted Room.