Virtual Talk: Stories of Oxford Castle: from dungeon to dunghill with Mark Davies

After a wonderful range of online talks over the last few months we now come to Stories of Oxford Castle: from dungeon to dunghillwith author and local historian, Mark Davies, on Tuesday 23 March at 5pm.

The history of Oxford Castle in the 17th and 18th century will be told through the exploits of some of its more colourful prisoners – whether devious, daring or deluded. From the Civil War onwards, these tales of hard labour, transportation, escape and execution reveal the extremes of human depravity and ingenuity – not forgetting the gaolers! Most striking among the latter is Daniel ‘Damnable’ Harris, a skilled engineer, builder, architect and artist, whose use of convict labour on the Thames, the Oxford Canal and within the prison itself epitomised a more enlightened approach to the treatment of prisoners in general.


Book to join OPT and Mark Davies on 23 March at 5pm HERE.  Don’t worry if you can’t join us live next Tuesday, as everyone who is registered will be sent a separate link to watch afterwards.