St Thomas's and St Ebbe's Exhibition

“A tough but full-blooded area…”

An exhibition on display in the windows of the Oxford Castle Education Centre from Wednesday 20 April to Sunday 5 June explores the fascinating history of Oxford's western and south-western parishes. St Thomas’s was home to Oxford’s breweries, to its boating and barge communities, and to those who built the railways. Neighbouring St Ebbe's was the site of Oxford's gasworks and its cattle market, and had more pubs per square yard than any other part of Oxford. Both parishes had a reputation as the most lively – some might say disreputable – in the city. In the later 20th century St Thomas’s and St Ebbe’s were cleared, and their close-knit communities dispersed. However, a surprising number of historic buildings remain to remind us of this rich history, and there are many people still living in Oxford and beyond who have strong and fond memories of the area.


The exhibition is free and viewable at all times, as it is on display in the windows of the Castle's Education Centre. Enter the Castleyard from New Road or Tidmarsh Lane.