Rewley Road Swing Bridge: June Update

Progress continues inside the big white tent! The blasting works are now complete, and the damage that this revealed has been mended, with a first protective, primer coat applied ready for the painting to start.

We are now putting back all the cleaned and conserved metalwork and any new is currently being installed on the bridge deck. All the deck plates are now on, with just the edge beams and parapet posts to go.

You might remember that a little while ago, the team jacked up the bridge deck by about half a meter. Well, they have now been below the deck, in the turning pit, raising up the lower part of the mechanism (the lower wheal beam) by 50mm. This has enabled them to free up any seized components and to get them moving. So that is one step closer to getting the bridge to turn again!

Looking ahead, the blasters and painters will soon return to prepare those lower mechanisms, undertake primer repairs caused during metalwork installation and continue with the mid and top coats of the painting.

As always, thanks go to Historic England, Network Rail, the Railway Heritage Trust and our other sponsors for helping to save this rare piece of Oxford’s industrial past.

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Thanks also go to The Morton Partnership, Avon Construction and Oxford Archaeology for their fantastic work.


We look forward to updating you again soon.


Best wishes from the OPT Team.