OPT Chairman's Lecture! 'The Other Oxford' talk by Patrick McGuiness

Join us for our first OPT Chairman's lecture of the year at the Key Learning Centre at the Oxford Castle. 

Patrick McGuinness is a novelist, poet, and academic and author of Real Oxford (Seren Books, 2021). He is Professor of French and Comparative Literature and a Fellow of St Anne's College

A personal tour exploring unseen and unnoticed Oxford: the ignored or the maligned, the forgotten or the misremembered city that persists, seemingly against the odds. Patrick McGuinness walks us along the towpaths and the pavements, shows us the views from the traffic islands and the lay-bys. In a city where everyone seems to be looking up at the next spire or steeple, McGuinness reminds us to look down. Underfoot Oxford has its own stories and everyday life its own wonders.

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