A message to our members

I wanted to write to you at this extraordinary time to let you know that OPT remains in good heart and, despite the many challenges facing it, will continue its vital work.

Our OPT team are working from home—but they are still working to oversee the properties, land, and other responsibilities.  Whilst most places are closed, our land remains open to all with the exception of Wolvercote Lakes.  At present, work continues on the restoration of our medieval house at 26 East St Helen’s Street and at the unit in the Covered Market. Work is – at last – about to begin on the Swingbridge, we hope.

It looks as though it may be months until we are able to meet together properly, whether for talks and events, or our more celebratory occasions. We will, though, keep in touch – and look forward to hearing from you.

With all best wishes


OPT Chairman