Have your say on the Oxford Local Plan 2040

Do you know what the plans there are for future development in your area? Now is the time to comment on Oxford City Council’s draft  Oxford Local Plan 2040 which will act as the blueprint for the future development of the City over the next twenty years.

OPT will be looking at the Plan for the City as a whole, looking at such issues as the historic environment, building heights and views, where housing sites are proposed and where they want to target growth.  But we also know that local residents often miss this chance to influence local development at this early stage.  They often learn about it too late after sites have been allocated and policies agreed, so we encourage you to take a look and to comment. 

Once the current consultation closes, the City will submit the draft plan to the Secretary of State who will appoint an Independent Inspector to look at it in detail.  There will then be a Public Inquiry before it is adopted, but after that it may be too late.

Don’t miss the chance for you and your neighbours to make your views known.

Have a look at the document and its proposed policies and site allocations and take the time to submit your comments before the deadline 5 January 2024. More information on the consultation can be found here: Oxford Local Plan 2040 Submission Draft (Regulation 19) Consultation - Oxford City Council - Citizen Space