Energy Saving Homes this Oxford Open Doors

Have you ever wondered about making your home more energy efficient? We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Energy Saving Homes this Oxford Open Doors! 

Homes across Oxford are opening their doors to show you the kind of energy-saving measures they have put in place. From solar panels to air source heat pumps, to insulation and low-cost measures. This is your chance to speak to homeowners who have already gone through the process, get tips, find out what not to do and make connections!

Energy Saving Homes are a bit different from the traditional Oxford Open Doors locations. They are lived in by ordinary people who are cutting energy costs and addressing climate change by undertaking small and large renovation projects in their homes – such as wall and loft insulation, solar panels and battery storage, heat pumps, double and triple glazing - and cheaper, simple measures like draught-proofing. In an Energy Saving Home, you can listen to your host explain how they navigated the often-confusing landscape of eco-renovation, what went well and what was difficult, what they learned, and what further steps they are planning to take.  Measures to suit a range of budgets will be on display. 

For homeowners, landlords and tenants interested in adopting energy saving measures, visiting an Energy Saving Home provides an ideal opportunity not only to see what a home fit for the future is like, but also to speak directly to the people who live in it and ask your questions. 

Energy Saving Homes is organised by Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford, a collective of community groups in Oxford working to take practical steps to address climate change, in partnership with Oxford Preservation Trust. This year’s events are funded by the Low Carbon Hub

“We are delighted once again to be working with Energy Saving Homes to showcase the amazing projects being undertaken by homeowners in Oxford to retrofit their homes to address the climate change emergency and to cut the costs of running their homes.  We do hope you will take the opportunity to visit the homes that will be open as part of the Oxford Open Doors weekend”. Stephen Dawson - Operations Director