Open green space is essential for our health and wellbeing, and we are delighted that more people than ever are now out and about enjoying OPT land.  With our commitment to the green agenda, OPT have no car parks, so why not take a cycle ride or a long walk.  Help us to keep our environment, our wildlife and you safe by considering a visit outside likely peak times.  All our green spaces are open. 

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Upper and Lower Wolvercote lie at the northern edge of Oxford, within the ring road. The predominant feature which gives the area its character is the ancient Port Meadow which lies to the south of the villages between them and the City, providing its open, ancient and rural feel. It is just one of the ‘villages within the town’ that are a special characteristic of the City. Recently there has been considerable pressure to develop within and around the area making the open spaces that OPT care for even more special for the community and the people of Oxford who come to enjoy them.

OPT are lucky enough to own and care for 25 acres here – meadows, moorings, community orchard, allotments and, since 2013, our popular Wolvercote Lakes.

Wolvercote Lakes

Community Orchard and Allotments, Lower Wolvercote: opposite the Trout Pub

Wolvercote Meadows