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‘Oxford is growing. Its growth may be guided but should not be grudged. The work of the Trust is not to hamper Oxford but to help it… Oxford is not a museum piece. It is a living thing.’ - from OPT's first Annual Report in 1927.

Oxford is constantly changing, evolving and growing. At OPT we help to guide positive change, not to stop it. Oxford is a city steeped in history with a beautiful green backdrop of landscape and views where town meets country. We want to conserve the very best of Oxford’s past making its history and heritage relevant for today and for future generations.

Good planning can enrich, poor planning can spoil. OPT are here to share our deep knowledge of the city of Oxford, engaging in those changes which affect the public domain and offering ourselves as a valuable resource to help change and development work in a positive way. Together, we can create something special – a city rich in history with a very bright future.

Our work is more crucial than ever. If like us you love Oxford, then JOIN or DONATE now so we can continue our vital work.


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