Oxford Open Doors - Our Supporters

Oxford Open Doors is organised by Oxford Preservation Trust in partnership with the University of Oxford.  It is free with thanks to our partners, volunteers, supporters and the places and people who open their doors.

OPT receives no government funding and is supported by members subscriptions, sponsorship and donations.

We would like to thank the following organisations for their support of Oxford Open Doors 2017:

University of Oxford

Green Templeton College


Oxford Bus Company

Oxford City Council


The Gresswell Environment Trust

The Oxford Times

Our thanks also to the following who have supported us by advertising in the brochure:

Freeths Solicitors

Gees Restaurant (Mogford Ltd)

Lucy Properties

Magdalen College School

Mathews Comfort and Ecclesiastical

Mogford Ltd


Oxford Castle Quarter

Parsonage Grill (Mogford Ltd)

​​​​​​​Quod (Mogford Ltd)

Payne & Son

A huge thank you to all those who open their doors and organise events across the weekend, and to our members and volunteers without whom this event would not be possible.