Oxford Open Doors Live Streaming

For the first time Oxford Open Doors will be offering internet users, as well as local residents, the chance to explore some of Oxford’s most significant contemporary and historic buildings. Online viewers will be able to experience elements of the weekend from the comfort of their electronic device for free, with select tours and lectures set to be captured and livestreamed directly via this website along with some pre-recorded content. The debut of livestreaming across the weekend will be used to see what interest there is in the service generally for Oxford’s cultural events. 

See our live streams on Saturday 8 September here.

See our live streams on Sunday 9 September here.


The programme for the weekend

Saturday 8 September:

  • 1.30pm Painted room – Debbie Dance  PRE-RECORDED

Oxford Preservation Trust’s Director, Debbie Dance, introduces this hidden gem with remarkably Elizabethan wall paintings, previously the Crown Tavern where Shakespeare stayed and at one time Sir John Betjeman's office. 

  • 2pm Tolkien talk at the Weston Library – John Garth – Tolkien’s Creation  LIVE

What drove Tolkien to create Middle-earth, and why is this achievement so unique? Are there any clues in the tale of divine world-creation that begins his mythology? Biographer John Garth goes in quest of its inspirations and far-reaching meanings.

  • 3.30pm Tolkien talk at the Weston Library - Dr Stuart Lee - 'Bigger than Batman': The BBC's Tolkien in Oxford (1968), by Stuart Lee.  LIVE

Join Dr Stuart Lee to piece together the story behind the 1968 BBC film, Tolkien in Oxford, and some recently discovered material previously assumed lost.

  • 6.30pm Medieval Jewish Quarter walk  PRE-RECORDED

Join historian Pam Manix for an insight into this little-known aspect of Oxford's Medieval History.

See our live streams on Saturday 8 September here.

Sunday 9 September:

  • 10.30am Oxford Castle & Prison  PRE-RECORDED

Meet a tour guide and learn more about the Oxford Castle and Prison tour.

  • 2.30pm Russian Connections to Oxford  PRE-RECORDED

Dr Nina Kruglikova explores the many and varied Russian connections with the city.

  • 3.30pm Town Hall tour  PRE-RECORDED

David Juler presents an abridged version of the Oxford Town Hall tour.

  • 4pm Pavlova Wind quintet broadcast at 4pm - 4.45pm, Sheldonian Theatre LIVE

Join us for a classical recital in the Sheldonian Theatre performed by the Pavlova Wind Quintet - a great way to round off the weekend!

See our live streams on Sunday 9 September here.

OPT introduction of livestreaming to Oxford Open Doors is supported by Oxford City Council and the University of Oxford.  

With thanks to Oxford University IT services and Streamer, an Anglo-Danish technology company who have developed a range of products to enable easy live streaming with professional quality for arts organisations, businesses, sports events, music concerts and conferences. 

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