Our Supporters

Grants, donations and sponsorship of over £100 from the following individuals, trusts and organisations:

Mrs M A Abley

M Barrington-Ward

Mr & Mrs I Battersby


Blackwell's Bookshop

Lord Bradshaw

Mr & Mrs A Brown

T D Brunton Charitable Trust

Ms. P Chapman

Cherwell Boathouse

Christ Church

Cooper Family Trust

CPRE Oxfordshire Buildings Preservation Trust


Critchley Charitable Trust

Dorchester Civic Society

Doris Field Charitable Trust

Dragon School Christmas Sale

Mr & Mrs R Dwek


English Heritage

MG & PCL Fiennes



G W Trust

Mr M Geekie

A Hinkins

M Hockey

D Iredale

Kemp & Kemp LLP

Mrs M A Leighfield

A Lloyd

Lynams School

Magdalen College School

P Massey

Mathews Comfort Financial Services Ltd

Mr & Mrs R May

Mr & Mrs. N. Maynard

G McKenna

Merton College

J Miller

Mogford Ltd

Natural England

Nuffield College

Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Bus Company

Oxford Castle Limited

Patsy Wood Trust

P Robinson

St. John’s College

Ms J Sapsford

Prof J P Simons

Mr & Prof R Sills

Somerville College

The University of Oxford

W Lucy & Co Ltd

Miss P J Whitehouse

D Wickham-Jones

William Delafield Charitable Trust