Old Berkeley Golf Course

Open green space is essential for our health and wellbeing, and we are delighted that more people than ever are now out and about enjoying OPT land.  With our commitment to the green agenda, OPT have no car parks, so why not take a cycle ride or a long walk.  Help us to keep our environment, our wildlife and you safe by considering a visit outside likely peak times.  All our green spaces are open. 

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Welcome to the county’s most spectacular view of the dreaming spires

This was the very first piece of land bought by OPT, acquired in 1928 to preserve the stunning view of Oxford which at the time was threatened with the possibility of housing development.

This spot is really very special and provides one of the best vantage points to enjoy uninterrupted views over the city of Oxford. 

Once Lord Berkeley’s private golf course, the fields are now unimproved grassland, grazed by sheep and cattle.  The area is an environmental and cultural gem and continues to attract and inspire painters, photographers, poets, and occasionally film crews.  

This land is managed by grazing livestock (catttle and sheep) on rotation. When walking through these fields, please ensure dogs are kept under control and within sight especially within fields where sheep and cows are present.