Open green space is essential for our health and wellbeing, and we are delighted that more people than ever are now out and about enjoying OPT land.  With our commitment to the green agenda, OPT have no car parks, so why not take a cycle ride or a long walk.  Help us to keep our environment, our wildlife and you safe by considering a visit outside likely peak times.  All our green spaces are open. 

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Kennington lies to the south of Oxford, nestled between Bagley Wood on the east and the River Thames on the west.

OPT owns land between the railway and River Thames on the eastern side of Kennington as well as the Memorial Field located at southern tip of Kennington adjacent to the recreation ground.

Permissive access to open space is a priority here and management of the land enables this.

Kennington Flood Meadows

Kennington Memorial Field