Harcourt Hill Field II

A gently sloping meadow with fantastic views of the 'dreaming spires of Oxford'

This 10-acre field at Harcourt Hill to the west of Oxford went on the open market in 2022 and was bought against opposition from other interested purchasers. OPT were particularly keen to acquire it as it is close to the site of the 17th century Conduit House on Harcourt Hill which OPT now manage for English Heritage, and sits beside OPT’s existing 20-acre meadow which was bought in 2016 with the help of OPTs members, supporters and local residents.

This field debatably has the best view of the dreaming spires than any of our existing land, so that you feel you can almost reach out and touch the towers and spires. The management of this field over the first few years will be focused on encouraging public permissive access to these views as well as strategically managing this green space suitably for what will benefit the wider green space jigsaw it is a part of.

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