Harcourt Hill

In 1837, J M W Turner painted the view ‘Oxford from North Hinksey’ from a spot near here, an area made famous by artists and poets who immortalised the ‘dreaming spires of Oxford’.

Today, you can experience the beauty of those changing views for yourself from our two fields, which are open to all.

"The view is ever changing, as you walk across the field, and in the different seasons and different lights. If you catch it just right, it is can be dramatic, as if someone has switched on a stage lamp to light up the buildings below."

Pylons and the large buildings at Osney Mead have an unfortunate impact, and some trees have grown up to mask the view in places, but it remains very special and something everyone should experience.

There have been threats to develop the fields over time, but our ownership has meant we have been able to save this historical view for future generations.

Harcourt Hill Field 

Harcourt Hill Field II

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