Fields by the Elsfield Road

The Trust took great interest in the planning of the northern and southern bypass roads from their conception, wanting to preserve views of the city from them and protect beautiful groups of buildings along the proposed routes from destruction. 

Fields in Marston were purchased in four lots between 1929 and 1937, with the help of the Pilgrim Trust, as the Trustees feared that they would be developed in a way that would spoil the view from Elsfield Hill over the valley to Oxford.  These fields have been much divided and changed since the Ministry of Transport took what was needed to build the Marston-Elsfield intersection with the Northern Bypass (A40) in 1970.  Today, two of the fields are on the north of the bypass, and are managed as arable, while the other two fields to the south, are on the north and south side of the Elsfield Road as you enter Old Marston from the ring road.  These are permanent pasture and are let as horse paddocks. 

Marston pasture by Chris Andrews