Family Activities

House Investigation:

Have you ever thought about the history of your house? You can find out lots of things by looking carefully at the exterior and interior, as well as through research!

House Investigation 11+ Years.pdf

House Investigation 7-11 Years.pdf

House Investigation 5-7 Years.pdf

VE Day 2020 - 75th Anniversary

Celebrate VE Day at home by having a go at these wartime recipes!

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British Victory Cake.pdf

Potato Piglets.pdf

Surprise Potato Balls.pdf

Rations Chocolate Cake.pdf

Egg and Sausage Pie.pdf

Nature Activities:

We’re sure that, like us, if you’re lucky enough to have some outside space, you’ve found a whole new appreciation for your balconies, courtyards and gardens during lockdown. Exploring your own outdoor space, however big or small, can be a great way to learn about and enjoy nature. It can also be hugely beneficial for our health and wellbeing. Aside from all that, the outdoors offers endless entertainment for little ones! To help you keep the fun going during lockdown, we’ve created some family activities that you can download for free:

Outdoor Adventure Hunt - Venture out into the garden and take part in our outdoor adventure hunt!

OPT Outdoor Adventure Hunt._0.pdf

Outdoor A-Z - See if you can spot something beginning with every letter in the alphabet!

OPT Outdoor A-Z._0.pdf

Shakespeare Activities:

Oxford Preservation Trust look after the Painted Room in Oxford – all that remains of the Crown Tavern, where Shakespeare is said to have stayed on several occasions. Each year on 23 April, Shakespeare’s Birthday, OPT hold a variety of events. This year we went digital, including family activities for you to download from home. William Shakespeare was one of the greatest writers of plays and poems. He wrote many of the most recognisable and renowned dramatic pieces ever to be performed. His legacy has lasted centuries, and now it is your turn to show off your skills!

Shakespeare Cauldron Spell - One of Shakespeare’s most famous plays is called Macbeth. In this play a group of witches make a spell around a cauldron. Have a go at writing your own cauldron spell with one of our activity sheets!

Shakespeare Cauldron Spell 5-7 Years.pdf

Shakespeare Cauldron Spell 7-11 Years.pdf

Shakespeare Sonnet - Shakespeare wrote lots of poems, including some famous sonnets. A sonnet is a poem of fourteen lines with ten syllables in each line. Use our activity sheet to help you write your very own sonnet!

Shakespeare Sonnet 11+ Years.pdf

Shakespeare Self-Guided Walk - Take a walk around some of Shakespeare's favourite places to stay in Oxford with our downloadable route here!

PDF icon SelfGuidedShakespeareTrail.pdf