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Perhaps you’ve been inspired by one of our conservation projects, or read about the positive impact we’ve made through our planning assistance in Oxford. Or you may have visited one of buildings or enjoyed a walk on some of our land. If this has left you feeling a need to support our work in Oxford but volunteering or annual membership isn’t for you, then please feel free to donate. Support us – support Oxford.  You can donate online here.


When we moved to lockdown in March, we left the OPT office, mothballed our projects, rewrote our budgets and began to work out how to move forward, with one or two of our team on furlough.  The remaining OPT team were keen to keep in touch with our members as a priority who have welcomed our phone calls, weekly roundup emails and regular social media posts.  We are now enjoying delivering our membership events programme online though we are looking forward to meeting you again as soon as we are able.

We are particularly proud that we have kept our green spaces open.  We have loved hearing about the pleasure they have given to so many of our Oxford residents, often mentioning the special rural character of these meadows, where town meets country, and of their rather splendid backdrops and views.   

As the OPT team begin to return to our Turn Again Lane offices we want to take something positive from the last few months, to manage and open up our land even more to the newly engaged, more diverse and younger audience.  We want to get our projects back on site, ensuring that the specialist heritage skills amongst our builders and contractors survive.  Oxford Castle has re-opened with bookings and smaller numbers, and we want to publish the final Book 6 in the Heritage Books series.  We are determined to bring Oxford Open Doors to you, albeit on a smaller and more local scale, and the OPT Awards 2020 are attracting a wonderful range of entries with our generous sponsors continuing with their support, Alongside all this our planning work remains as busy as ever and has never been more important, and with the Government’s recent ‘build, build, build’ announcement the pressure on Oxford can only increase.  

Thankfully, our careful financial management over the years means that we will survive this current crisis but we, like everyone, have been hit hard and face significant losses this year and beyond.  

We can only continue with our crucial work, planning, projects, events, Oxford Open Doors with your help and so I am asking you to consider making a gift to us.    

Anything that you give will help us to make a difference to Oxford and to help our wonderful city to get through all this.  You can make a one-off gift or why not consider a monthly donation.  If you would like to discuss your gift do be in touch with Stephen

And THANK YOU - knowing that we have your support means a great deal.

You can donate online here.