Climate Change

Climate Change is one of the most significant and fastest growing threats worldwide. Yet the conservation of cultural heritage is inextricably linked to activities with a high environmental impact, such as construction and development, buildings operations, land management and tourism (Heritage Declares, 2019). It is clear that we need to make a commitment to the health and wellbeing of the planet, and we are working hard to understand how to achieve this.

We have already become founding members of the International Climate Heritage Network, mobilising the cultural heritage sector for Climate Action across the globe. We are also amongst the first to sign up to Heritage Declares. This means that, with other leading heritage professionals, we are dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and cultural change, to shifting conservation priorities without harming cultural significance, to encouraging the adaptation of buildings rather than demolishing them, and putting climate and ecological sustainability at the heart of planning and design.

Furthermore, as part of our commitment to the green agenda, during the 2020 OPT Awards, we introduced the new Green Award.  The Green Award recognises the importance of sustainability within the heritage industry and is awarded to the entry (from any category) that best exhibits these qualities.  In 2021, the recipients of the Green Award were The University of Oxford's Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology which achieved Passivhaus status- a difficult feat for a Laboratory, and Springfield Meadows, Southmoor.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the effect it has had on society and sustainable living, during the pandemic, most of us were forced to create more sustainable habits, such as buying locally, and travelling less.  During this time, OPT resolved to keep our green spaces open for everyone to use, and produced a series of self-guided walks to help connect people with nature and the outdoors.  These walks proved hugely successful, particularly during lockdown, and we intend to produce more as we move forward.

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OPT Trustee and Chair of the Planning Committee Carole Souter speaking at the Oxford Citizens Assembly on Climate Change