Oxford Open Doors: an exciting volunteering opportunity…

Do you want to open the door to an exciting opportunity this year? Why not become an Oxford Open Doors Volunteer and relish in the opportunity to help discover ‘Hidden Oxford’ for thousands of people, all while enjoying the weekend yourself. You can spend a morning, an afternoon or the whole weekend in interesting, historic, scenic and beautiful buildings with no prior knowledge necessary.  It's a great opportunity to meet new people in a fun and inspiring environment.

Celebrating Oxford Open Doors 10th anniversary this year, the event’s success depends on volunteers generously giving their time, energy and enthusiasm.  As an Oxford Open Doors Volunteer you will be invited to a briefing session and as a special thank we will invite you to an exclusive behind the scenes event, dates to be confirmed.

If you’d like more information, or to apply email s.dawson@oxfordpreservation.org.uk