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Abraham Wood
Abraham Wood

The Wood was given to the Trust in 2000 in memory of Sir Edward and Lady Abraham, after whom it is named. Long standing Trust members, they lived at Badgers Wood, Bedwells Heath, and the wood formed part of the gardens to the House.

The Environment
The woods are at their best when the bluebells are in flower, but there will always be something of interest to see or hear - great spotted woodpeckers drumming, hazel catkins shimmering in the winter sunshine, bright yellow brimstone butterflies in search of food or even a tawny owl offering its distinctive call.

A key feature of the wood are the oak pollards - where the tree has been repeatedly harvested by cutting back branches above ground level. This suggests that the area was used as wood pasture historically.  Pollarded oaks provide excellent habitat for numerous insects, birds, bats, lichen and fungi. 
We have registered some of these pollards on the Woodland Trust’s national ancient trees database
In the Spring the wood is carpeted by bluebells and ransoms. Ramsons, wild garlic, has white flowers and large waxy leaves which emit a strong smell of garlic and historically have been used for added flavour in cooking. 

Walk through the woods
We invite visitors to walk through the woods, but please keep to the marked path damage to growing leaves and plants will affect the following years’ growth. 
Dogs are welcome on a short lead.

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Abraham Wood
Abraham Wood